About Us

Braebury Properties has been providing continued excellence in commercial and residential real estate since 1974.  The team's combined experience of over 600 years in the industry enables them to consistently provide the best service possible.  Whether you are looking for a new home or place of business, they are able to assist you in finding the perfect solution.  Braebury Properties's staff is friendly, professionally trained and committed to creating a community that is safe, clean and inviting.

Braebury Properties also takes great pride in preserving the quality and craftsmanship of each property in Ontario, Canada, Southern California and Southern Florida.  They always remain focused on upgrading and improving properties to ensure the satisfaction of residents, business owners and professionals.  In addition to Braebury Properties's top-level maintenance and renovation programs, Braebury Properties has also constructed many of their buildings.  Recently built projects include The Queensbury, Apple Self Storage and Centennial Square Shoppers Drug Mart in Kingston, Ontario.  These commercial and mixed-use properties showcase the quality Braebury Properties creates, and their pledge to being an industry leader.

By choosing renewable sources of energy and energy efficient building features, Braebury Properties hopes to make a difference in the long term.  In 2009 they initiated Kingston and the region's first large scale commercial solar operation, the start of many sustainable real estate installations.

Trust Braebury Properties to provide consistent, unwavering quality and dedicated service.