Service Activations

To activate Telephone or Internet service, please contact Bell Canada at 310-2355 or visit or contact Cogeco Cable at 1-800-267-9000,  613-544-6314.

To activate Television or Internet services, please contact Cogeco Cable at 1-800-267-9000,  613-544-6314.  Requests for high-speed internet access from Cogeco may require a letter of consent from Braebury Properties to approve the drilling of additional outlets.

WTC Communications and Kingston Online Service are also Internet options available.

Maintenance Requests

Emergency Service

The following are considered emergencies:

  1. Smoke, fire, or fire alarm activation.
  2. No, heat, electricity or water supply.
  3. Significant leak or flooding.

For emergency service, call our office at 613-546-3400 to obtain the cell phone number of the on call person.

General Maintenance and Repairs

For all other requests during office hours, please call our office at 613-546-3400